Ron Jagodzinski

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In this paper, we introduce the prototype of a low cost haptically augmented stylus for pen computing on touch screens. The stylus supports human-computer interaction through a dynamic haptic feedback. This reflective feedback is generated by a magnetically operated brake system. The feedback actuator is integrated in the stylus. Therefore, the pen supports(More)
In this paper we present a novel system for tactile actuation in stylus-based musical interactions. The proposed controller aims to support rhythmical musical performance. The system builds on resistive force feedback, which is achieved through a brake-augmented ball pen stylus on a sticky touch-sensitive surface. Along the device itself, we present musical(More)
In this paper, we present a novel system for stylus-based GUI interactions: Simulated physics through actuated frictional properties of a touch screen stylus. We present a prototype that implements a series of principles which we propose for the design of frictionally augmented GUIs. It is discussed how such actuation could be a potential addition of value(More)
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