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Prominin-1, a pentaspan transmembrane protein, is a unique cell surface marker commonly used to identify stem cells, including endothelial progenitor cells and cancer stem cells. However, recent studies have shown that prominin-1 expression is not restricted to stem cells but also occurs in modified forms in many mature adult human cells. Although(More)
An all-MOS linear voltage-to-frequency converter (VFC) chip with 520 KHz/V sensitivity is presented in this paper. This circuit converts an input voltage into frequency by charging and discharging a capacitor. An all-MOS voltage window comparator (VWC) with reduced propagation delay is designed to improve the linearity of traditional VFCs. The propagation(More)
A CMOS local oscillator using a programmable delayed-lock loop based frequency multiplier is present in this paper. The maximum measured output frequency is 1.2 GHz. The frequency of the output clock is 8 to 10 of an input reference clock between 100 to 150 MHz at simulation. No -tank is used in the proposed design such that the power dissipation as well as(More)
A handheld DVB-T TV with a 3.5” LCD panel for mobile entertainment is presented in this work. A dualboard design is used in such a TV receiver. An MPEGII hardware decoder is included to decode the received signals and generate crystal clear terrestrial broadcast DVB-T DTV programs. In addition, an automatic antenna signal detection method is proposed to(More)