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Trends in VLSI technology scaling demand that future computing devices be narrowly focused to achieve high performance and high efficiency, yet also target the high volumes and low costs of widely applicable general purpose designs. To address these conflicting requirements, we propose a modular reconfigurable architecture called Smart Memories, targeted at(More)
Scaling trends of logic, memories, and interconnect networks lead towards dense many-core chips. Unfortunately, process yields and reticle sizes limit the scalability of large single-chip systems. Multi-chip systems break free of these areal limits, but in turn require enormous chip-to-chip bandwidth. The "macrochip" concept presented here integrates(More)
Optical interconnects are useful for high-performance electronic computing systems when the number-of-channels, the bit-rate per channel, the channel density, and the communication distance of electrical links are simultaneously stressed. We review the near-term and longer term opportunities for optical communication at the chassis, chip-package and silicon(More)
Hyperthreaded(HT) and simultaneous multi-threaded (SMT) processors are now available in commodity workstations and servers. This technology is designed to increase throughput by executing multiple concurrent threads on a single physical processor. These multiple threads share the processor's functional units and on-chip memory hierarchy in an attempt to(More)