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WITHIN THE MODERN, HYPER-CONNECTED business landscape, organizations are constantly under attack. According to the 2005 Computer Crime and Security Survey, conducted jointly by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the San Francisco Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 56% of respondents reported unauthorized computer system use during(More)
AIM To develop and test a format of delivery of diabetes self-management education by paired professional and lay educators. METHODS We conducted an equivalence trial with non-randomized participant allocation to a Diabetes Education and Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed Type 2 diabetes (DESMOND) course, delivered in the standard format by(More)
Although school wellness policies have the potential to transform school environments, relatively little has been written about postadoption policy implementation and evaluation (policy to practice). The authors report results of a research study that examined the implementation of school wellness policies in two school districts in northern New Mexico.(More)
The coalition literature recognizes context (geography, demographics and history) as a variable of interest, yet few coalition evaluation studies have focused on it. This study explores the association between geographic context and structures (e.g. member type) with functional characteristics (e.g. decision making or levels of conflict) in a statewide(More)
This investigation examined the reliability and validity of a rating scale for codependency in substance abuse treatment. The investigators developed an example-anchored rating scale to operationalize codependency as substance abuse counselors construe it in practice, and recruited 27 counselors for a counterbalanced multiple-treatment experiment.(More)
CONTEXT Coalition research has shifted from delineating structures and processes to identifying intermediate, systems changes (e.g., changes in policies) that contribute to longterm community health improvement. OBJECTIVE The University of New Mexico, the New Mexico Department of Health, and community health councils entered a multiyear participatory(More)
A novel synthetic stratetegy for compounds labeled with the positron-emitting isotope carbon-11 is described. The use of precursors attached to a solid support via safety-catch linkers allows selective release of radiolabeled material, leaving unreacted precursor attached to the support. Two different linkers demonstrate the application to the preparation(More)
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