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The recent increase in the incidence of deformities among natural frog populations has raised concern about the state of the environment and the possible impact of unidentified causative agents on the health of wildlife and human populations. An open workshop on Strategies for Assessing the Implications of Malformed Frogs for Environmental Health was(More)
Although school wellness policies have the potential to transform school environments, relatively little has been written about postadoption policy implementation and evaluation (policy to practice). The authors report results of a research study that examined the implementation of school wellness policies in two school districts in northern New Mexico.(More)
WITHIN THE MODERN, HYPER-CONNECTED business landscape, organizations are constantly under attack. According to the 2005 Computer Crime and Security Survey, conducted jointly by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the San Francisco Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), 56% of respondents reported unauthorized computer system use during(More)
The importance of individual species in mediating ecosystem process and functioning is generally accepted, but categorical descriptors that summarize species-specific contributions to ecosystems tend to reference a limited number of biological traits and underestimate the importance of how organisms interact with their environment. Here, we show how three(More)
A new strategy for the solid-phase synthesis of sulfonamides is described. The Kenner safety-catch strategy has been modified such that the carboxylic acid component remains attached to the solid support while the sulfonamide portion is released into solution. An initial demonstration of the scope of this strategy is presented, along with an analysis of the(More)
Payoff Providing effective security in an end-user computing environment is a challenge. First, what is meant by security must be defined, and then the services that are required to meet management's expectations concerning security must be established. This article examines security within the context of an architecture based on quality. This article(More)