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A series of 1,3,5-triazine-based estrogen receptor (ER) modulators that are modestly selective for the ERbeta subtype are reported. Compound 1, which displayed modest potency and selectivity for ERbeta vs ERalpha, was identified via high-throughput screening utilizing an ERbeta SPA-based binding assay. Subsequent analogue preparation resulted in the(More)
Although school wellness policies have the potential to transform school environments, relatively little has been written about postadoption policy implementation and evaluation (policy to practice). The authors report results of a research study that examined the implementation of school wellness policies in two school districts in northern New Mexico.(More)
Smoking involves heating a drug to form a mixture of drug vapor and gaseous degradation products. These gases subsequently cool and condense into aerosol particles that are inhaled. Here, we demonstrate rapid and reliable systemic delivery of pure pharmaceutical compounds without degradation products through a related process that also involves inhalation(More)
Application of the Staccato system to liquid drugs presents unique technological challenges. Liquids, such as nicotine, do not form physically stable films on vaporization substrates. We identified two thermally reversible zinc halides (ZnCl2 and ZnBr2) that complex with nicotine in a 1:2 mol ratio (zinc halide: nicotine) that can be coated as a solid film.(More)
Rapid heating of thin films of pharmaceutical compounds can vaporize the molecules, which leads to formation of aerosol particles of optimal size for pulmonary drug delivery. The aim of this work was to assess the effect of coated film thickness on the purity of a thermally generated (condensation) drug aerosol. Pharmaceuticals in their free base form were(More)
A sensitive lawn-based format has been developed to screen bead-tethered combinatorial chemical libraries for antimicrobial activity. This method has been validated with beads linked to penicillin V via a photocleavable chemical linker in several analyses including a spike-and-recover experiment. The lawn-based screen sensitivity was modified to detect(More)
A time-resolved pulsed fluorescence immunometric assay (TR-PFIA) for carcinoembryonic antigen is described in which either Eu(III) or Tb(III) chelate is used as label. Described in detail is the assay involving the well-documented format of microtiter matrix and Eu(III) fluorescence enhanced with a beta-diketone and quantified in a commercial time-resolving(More)
A new strategy for the solid-phase synthesis of sulfonamides is described. The Kenner safety-catch strategy has been modified such that the carboxylic acid component remains attached to the solid support while the sulfonamide portion is released into solution. An initial demonstration of the scope of this strategy is presented, along with an analysis of the(More)