Ron Hakvoort

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Natural variations of maternal care in the rat influence the development of neuronal systems that regulate defensive responses to threat. Thus, as adults, rats that received higher levels of maternal licking/grooming (LG) in infancy display dramatic reductions in burying in the shock-probe test, relative to offspring of low LG mothers. We sought to(More)
In this paper, we present an application of process mining for the financial audit. We show that conformance analysis can be used as an audit technique in the execution of the financial audit. Using a generalized and simplified process model of an organisation’s procurement process, and the event log of SAP R/3, we detected a number of deviating process(More)
Positron beam and helium desorption techniques have been applied to different materials, in particular semiconductor materials, to determine the presence of defects. The positron technique yields values of the positron diffusion length and values of the Doppler broadening parameters. In principle, defect concentrations can be derived and an indication can(More)
Currently the trend in the Si IC industry is to produce epitaxial material layers by advanced growth and deposition techniques. Examples of these are Si and SiGe low temperature epitaxy, Si selective epitaxy and metallic silicide epitaxy. In order to obtain good electrical properties it is important that the epitaxial material shows no extended lattice(More)
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