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This report attempts to delineate the nature of "Nerves" using data collected from 101 Social Security Disability petitioners from Eastern Kentucky. Statistical analysis of Cornell Medical Index items reveals a relatively unique constellation of symptoms for individuals claiming disability primarily due to "Nerves" rather than somatic or mental causes. The(More)
We describe an enzymatic method, requiring only 10 mul of serum, for determining CO2 as bicarbonate or dissolved gas. Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase catalyzes the reaction of HCO3- with phosphoenolypyruvate to give oxalacetate. The resulting NADH, in the presence of malate dehydrogenase, is oxidized to NAD+, and the decrease in absorbance at 340 nm is(More)
The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, or TCPA, was formed by industry leaders coming together to consolidate efforts to build a trusted platform. The trusted platform concept aims to increase the amount of trust built in to a given computing platform in order to deal with increasing demands for security and integrity in today's computing and networking(More)
Administered the Rotter I-E scale to 135 psychiatric disability petitioners in connection with their clinical evaluation for the Social Security Administration. Internal vs. External Locus of Control (I-E), Personal Locus of Control (PLC) subscale, and Sociopolitical Locus of Control (SLC) subscale scores were analyzed with respect to diagnostic groups.(More)
This paper presents modelling and optimization strategies to minimize electromagnetic interference in an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), GeoSurv II, intended for geomagnetic surveys. The Direct Dipole Model (DDP) and Modified Dipole Ellipse Model (MoDEM) were proposed and tested to model on-board magnetic sources. MoDEM proved to more accurately represent(More)
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