Ron F. Wilson

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AIM To review the potential biological mechanisms underlying the effects of tobacco smoking on periodontitis. MAIN FINDINGS Smoking has major effects on the host response, but there are also a number of studies that show some microbiological differences between smokers and non-smokers. Smoking has a long-term chronic effect on many important aspects of(More)
Candida tropicalis ATCC 20336 excretes , -dicarboxylic acids as a by-product when cultured on n-alkanes or fatty acids as the carbon source. Previously, a -oxidation-blocked derivative of ATCC 20336 was constructed which showed a dramatic increase in the production of dicarboxylic acids. This paper describes the next steps in strain improvement, which were(More)
This study investigated the hypothesis that coating eroded teeth with a resin-based dentin bonding agent gave protection from tooth wear. Nineteen adults with palatal tooth wear exposing dentin were recruited, following referral by their general dental practitioner. Alternate teeth were coated with the resin adhesive, while the uncoated teeth acted as(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of measuring the cortical bone thickness adjacent to dental implants using two cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) systems. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ten 4 x 11 mm Astra Tech implants were placed at varying distances from the cortical bone in two prepared bovine ribs. Both ribs were scanned in a reproducible position using two(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess whether the use of a graft and/or membrane post-tooth extraction improves healing of the site dimensionally, radiographically, and/or histologically. MATERIALS AND METHODS MEDLINE and EMBASE and the Cochrane Central register of controlled trials (CENTRAL) were searched up until August 2011. Randomized controlled trials that included(More)
BACKGROUND A number of studies have suggested that implant failure and associated bone loss is greater in subjects with a history of periodontitis. PURPOSE To evaluate the risk for marginal bone loss around implants and implant failure in subjects with a history of periodontitis compared with periodontally healthy subjects in studies with a minimum 3-year(More)
Purpose: To describe the technique and examine the value of salivary stone extraction using a minimally invasive, radiologically guided approach as an alternative to salivary gland surgery for the treatment of benign salivary gland obstruction. Methods: Eighty-six cases of sialolithiasis (83 patients) were treated by stone removal using a Dormia basket(More)
Purpose: This paper describes the technique for balloon dilatation of salivary duct strictures and evaluates the clinical and radiographic findings in a consecutive series of 36 affected glands. Methods: Thirty-four patients (36 glands) had balloon dilatation of their salivary duct strictures performed under fluoroscopic control. They were evaluated(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The accuracy of an implant fixture-level impression is affected by the type of impression tray used. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to investigate the accuracy of open tray implant impressions comparing polycarbonate stock impression trays and rigid custom-made impression trays to make implant fixture-level(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the diagnostic accuracy of conventional periapical radiography and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) at detecting peri-implant bone defects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Implants were placed in fresh bovine ribs in osteotomy sites of varying diameter (five with no peri-implant space, five with a 0.35 mm space, five with a 0.675 mm space)(More)