Ron F. Stewart

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Screened precession photography was used to collect 11 A-resolution data for native and K2HgI 4 derivative crystals of southern bean mosaic virus. Rotation functions showed that not only the virus but also the sites of HgI 2-attachment had icosahedral symmetry. A difference Patterson synthesis was systematically searched for icosahedral distributions of(More)
— This paper reports on tests of the performance of fingerprint recognition technology in rugged outdoor conditions , with an especial concentration on the performance in cold weather. We analyze: 1) chip versus optical fingerprint scanner technology, 2) recognition performance and image quality, and 3) user/device interaction. A outdoor fingerprint door(More)
In the current context of heightened concerns with explosives security, there is significant interest in technological controls to improve security. It is important to be able to control what is fired, by whom, where and when. This paper describes research Orica has performed to investigate and test biometric systems to address the question of "by whom".(More)
2179 3.456 (4) and 3.402 (4)A for molecules A and B respectively. A model of the desired reaction product, the diazasteroid (II), was generated by computer graphics (Badler et al., 1979) using the coordinates for molecule A of the title compound as a starting point; the C(1)-C(1A) bonding constraint was removed and the C(IA)-C(4A)-C(4)-C(13) torsion angle(More)
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