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  • M . V . VAN DER S LUYS, C . R ÖVER, +4 authors A . V ECCHIO
  • 2007
Inspiral signals from binary compact objects (black holes and neutron stars) are primary targets of the ongoing searches by a number of ground-based gravitational-wave interferometers (LIGO, Virgo, GEO-600 and TAMA-300). Detection of such inspirals and ensuing mergers is expected to provide us with important physical information about the properties of the(More)
  • Ron Eyer
  • Journal of health care chaplaincy
  • 1991
Trust and respect between physician and chaplain is built over a period of time, through deliberate effort. It is something that may be present from the start, but will be tested in conflict. On the physician's side a respect for religion in medicine must be developed. On the chaplain's side there must be a ministry to the physician. A complementarity(More)
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