Ron Evans

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Let H denote the hypergeometric 3 F 2 function over F p whose three numerator parameters are quadratic characters and whose two denominator parameters are trivial characters. In 1992, Koike posed the problem of evaluating H at the argument 1/4. This problem was solved by Ono in 1998. Ten years later, Evans and Greene extended Ono's result by evaluating an(More)
We prove a general identity for a 3 F 2 hypergeometric function over a finite field F q , where q is a power of an odd prime. A special case of this identity was proved by Greene and Stanton in 1986. As an application, we prove a finite field analogue of Clausen's Theorem expressing a 3 F 2 as the square of a 2 F 1. As another application, we evaluate an(More)
We generalize two mind-switching problems that arise in connection with the popular sci-fi television series Futurama and Stargate SG-1. Optimal solutions to these problems are found by answering the following question about a permutation σ expressed as a product of nontrivial disjoint cycles. " When writing σ as a product of distinct transpositions none(More)
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