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A design pattern is a particular prose form of recording design information such that designs which have worked well in the past can be applied again in similar situations in the future. The availability of a collection of design patterns can help both the experienced and the novice designer recognize situations in which design reuse could or should occur.(More)
XP seems to be a good method for small teams to develop high-power software system. There are concerns about the ability of the method to scale to scopes any larger than 12 developers. It only takes a small numb er of changes in the set of practices comprising XP to make it into a method scaleable to quite large scope. Indeed, modifying 5 practices and(More)
If you are a software professional, your job is changing. Outsourcing and global development affect many things in our work environment: what and where we build, how (and when) we communicate, and how we prepare ourselves for the future. Outsourcing and global development inherently create challenges with long-distance communication, cultural differences,(More)
Extreme programming is the latest rage, everyone is talking extreme, but who is doing it? XP is in the words of one proponent, is a “lightweight, efficient, low-risk, predictable, scientific, and fun way to develop software”. XP bundles much conventional software engineering wisdom into a practice with a high degree of appeal as a cool technology. Questions(More)
Resident macrophages (MO)' are widely distributed throughout tissues ofadult animals, even in the absence of overt inflammation or infection . At portals of entry they may play a role in innate resistance to infection, but in other sites, particularly hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues where stromal MO are relatively abundant (1-3), their precise functions(More)
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