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Four important questions relevant to error diagnosis and correction in CALL are posed. These relate to the diagnosis of persistent L2 learner grammar errors, whether these can be corrected, what types of feedback from the computer are most efficient for focusing the students’ attention on this task, and the assessment of CALL programs designed to correct(More)
A common observation in dialogue research is that people tend to entrain, or align, linguistically with their interlocutors. This phenomenon offers a potentially important way to shape user behavior in human-computer dialogue interactions but little is known about the mechanisms that underlie it and how they may be affected by interlocutor design. We report(More)
In this paper we model interactions between organizational structures, job stress, emotional contagion and organization performance. An organization is modelled as solving problems or performing tasks. Tasks enter the organization and can be addressed by a subset of its members. Organization structure determines which agents can address which problems.(More)
529 The creation of new genetically modified animals has increased exponentially over the last ten years. this is due, in large part, to the continued development and advancement in the technology involved in creating genetically modified animals. Although the continued development of new technologies to create genetically modified animals is useful in(More)
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