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PURPOSE To determine the structural and functional integrity of the brain in a sample of nonretarded individuals diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. SUBJECTS The sample consisted of nineteen individuals who met the diagnostic criteria for fetal alcohol syndrome. METHODS Intellectual function was assessed using the Wechsler Adult Intelligence(More)
The authors were invited by the band council to carry out a study to determine the prevalence of alcohol embryopathy among children in a native Indian community in British Columbia. The mothers of the 123 children aged 18 years or less who lived in the community were interviewed. In addition, educational screening was carried out for children in grades 1(More)
The interrelationship of diet, oral hygiene and caries was evaluated. Of the sample size of 457 children, 234 were in grade 1 and 223 grade 7. Five-day diet surveys were obtained, followed by clinical examinations for oral hygiene and caries. One examiner, using mouth mirror, explorer and extraoral light, conducted the caries examination. From the diet(More)
While great strides have been made in HVACR technologies in recent years, significant improvements in energy efficiency, reliability and product life have been elusive in mid-range applications. In this 50-500 TR range, the most promising potential for significant energy reduction lies in compressor integrated part load efficiency (IPLV) improvements.(More)
This study evaluated the accuracy of manual and academic variables in predicting preclinical operative technique performance. In addition, it tested and compared two teaching methods and their effects on performance outcomes. Simple correlations and stepwise multiple regression analysis were used. Although correlations were low, they were significant for(More)
Audiometer evaluations were carried out on a population of 204 low birth weight (LBW) children and 123 controls. In the LBW group, 6 children (3.3%) had a bilateral loss and 5 (2.5%) had a unilateral sensorineural high-frequency hearing loss. No case of sensorineural hearing loss was found among the controls. There were 13 (6.4%) cases of conductive loss(More)
The maternal age of two groups of children with congenital handicaps, cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), were examined and compared with a group of mothers of children with congenital optic-nerve hypoplasia (CONH). The maternal age of children with CONH was significantly less than for the cerebral-palsied children which, in turn, was(More)
The purposes of this study were to identify how pregnant women learned about alcohol consumption and tobacco use, and to identify the relationship between learning, health beliefs and behaviours. Determining how pregnant women learned was based upon Tough's and Knowles' view of learning and consisted of identifying knowledge levels, resources utilized,(More)
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