Ron Chi-Wai Kwok

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With the increasing popularity of e-marketplaces for B2C and B2B e-commerce, intelligent software agents are promising in improving the effectiveness of these markets by autonomously searching for products and negotiating contracts on behalf of the human decision makers. A large number of research has been conducted to develop negotiation protocols and(More)
In the era of Web 2.0, huge volumes of consumer reviews are posted to the Internet every day. Manual approaches to detecting and analyzing fake reviews (i.e., spam) are not practical due to the problem of information overload. However, the design and development of automated methods of detecting fake reviews is a challenging research problem. The main(More)
Group decision making methods such as Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) have been developed extensively, but their organizational use for group decision making has been difficult. According to Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, one possible reason is that a group decision outcome could never satisfy every decision maker’s individual preference. This paper(More)
We combined Massively Multiplayer Online Game and technology-based collaborative learning methods to examine peer motivational factors influencing intention to learn; these have seldom been jointly examined. We proposed two new constructs, peer intrinsic motivation and peer extrinsic motivation, and investigated their effect on a player’s intention to learn(More)
The computational fluid dynamics software, CFX5.5 is employed to determine dispersions of emissions from vehicles traversing the streets. Information on the layouts and heights of buildings in the selected area is contained in a digitized map layer of buildings. The Geographic Information System software, ArcView 3.2a, with its programming facility, Avenue,(More)