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The output from a direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent channel flow at Reτ ≈ 1000 is used to construct a publicly and Web-services accessible, spatio-temporal database for this flow. The simulated channel has a size of 8πh × 2h × 3πh, where h is the channel half-height. Data are stored at 2048×512×1536 spatial grid points for a total of 4000 time(More)
Spoken dialogue information retrieval applications are the future trend for mobile users in automobiles, on cellular phones, etc. Due to the limitation of resources in these platforms, it may be advantageous to extract speech features, and compress and transmit them to a central hub where the computation intensive tasks such as speech recognition and speech(More)
In this paper we argue that conversational dialog systems must model a multidimensional space defined by syntactico-semantic, circumstantial, and interactional dimensions. We take as a testcase the interpretation of a very simple query type within a conversational navigation system that we have implemented. We outline the decision logic this system follows(More)
  • Ron Burns
  • 2008 IEEE/AIAA 27th Digital Avionics Systems…
  • 2008
This paper describes an avionics software system under development for the Center of Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) Meridian Uninhabited Aerial System (UAS). The system is designed to acquire data from multiple Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Line-Replaceable Units (LRUpsilas), log this data onboard, and transmit it via an Iridium data link. Primary(More)
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