Ron Bond

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STUDY OBJECTIVE To better characterize timer rattlesnake venom--induced thrombocytopenia and coagulopathy and the response to therapy with Antivenin (Crotalidae) Polyvalent. METHODS We conducted a retrospective multicenter review of timber rattlesnake envenomation. RESULTS We reviewed 18 cases at two institutions. Restoration of normal prothrombin time(More)
The levels of airborne contamination in various areas of two hospitals were determined during a 15-month sampling period, using Casella and Andersen volumetric samplers. Based on nearly 5,000 samples, the mean count per ft(3) ranged from 4.5 in obstetric-gynecology delivery rooms to 72.4 in waste-handling areas. The mean count for the entire hospital(More)
Over 10,000 airborne microorganisms, isolated from various areas of two hospitals, were characterized according to colonial and microscopic morphology and certain physiological reactions, including penicillin resistance and hemolysis. On the basis of all isolates examined during a 15-month period, 42.6% were gram-positive cocci, 19.2% were gram-positive(More)