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Beyond the Last Touch: Attribution in Online Advertising
  • Ron Berman
  • Computer Science
  • Mark. Sci.
  • 1 September 2018
This work analytically analyze the inefficiencies created by externalities and uncertainty when information is symmetric between advertisers and publishers and finds that the prices paid in the market will decrease when more sophisticated attribution methods are adopted. Expand
The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Search Marketing
Although SEO can improve consumer welfare and the payoff of high-quality sites, it is found that the search engine's revenues are typically lower when advertisers spend more on SEO and thus less on sponsored links. Expand
Beyond the Last Touch: Attribution in Online Advertising
Online advertisers often utilize multiple publishers and bid in multiple auctions concurrently to deliver ads, a process which may result in externalities between publishers that impact advertisingExpand
A megastudy of text-based nudges encouraging patients to get vaccinated at an upcoming doctor’s appointment
It is suggested that text messages sent prior to a primary care visit can boost vaccination rates by an average of 5% and could be a template for campaigns to encourage the adoption of life-saving vaccines, including against COVID-19. Expand
Provable Unlinkability against Traffic Analysis
It is shown that Chaum’s protocol becomes secure when the attack model is relaxed and the adversary can control at most 99% of communication links. Expand
p-Hacking and False Discovery in A/B Testing
We investigate to what extent online A/B experimenters “p-hack” by stopping their experiments based on the p-value of the treatment effect, and how such behavior impacts the value of the experimentalExpand
Test & Roll: Profit-Maximizing A/B Tests
The proposed test design achieves nearly the same expected regret as the flexible, yet harder-to-implement multi-armed bandit under a wide range of conditions, and the optimal sample sizes are substantially smaller than for a traditional hypothesis test, resulting in higher profit. Expand
Principal Stratification for Advertising Experiments
Advertising experiments often suffer from noisy responses making precise estimation of the average treatment effect (ATE) and evaluating ROI difficult. We develop a principal stratification modelExpand
Curation Algorithms and Filter Bubbles in Social Networks
Do curation and personalization algorithms on social media create filter bubbles and increase content polarization?
A Tale of Two Twitterspheres: Political Microblogging During and After the 2016 Primary and Presidential Debates
In this research, the authors study the process by which social media posts are created and shared during live political debates. Using data from over 9.5 million tweets posted during and shortlyExpand