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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of alveolar bone loss and ethnic origin among Israeli adults. METHODS The study population consisted of 815 male military personnel, aged 25 to 60 years (average 38.1 +/- 7.0 yr), who arrived at a military dental clinic for routine dental examination during 2004-5. The distance between CEJ(More)
BACKGROUND Endodontic therapy is a predictable treatment, resulting in up to 97% retention rate for the treated teeth. However, about 3% of endodontically treated teeth require further treatment, including extraction of the tooth. STUDY DESIGN This retrospective study analyzed all endodontically treated permanent teeth that were extracted in a(More)
Objective To determine whether there is an association between fasting plasma glucose level and periodontal condition in a non-diabetic male population.Methods Data of periodic medical examinations of 815 non-diabetic male adults (mean age 38.1 ± 7.0 years) were analysed. Blood samples were drawn from each subject following a 14-hour fast. The distance(More)
INTRODUCTION Both chronic periodontal disease (CPD) and erectile dysfunction (ED) are associated with cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, including smoking and diabetes mellitus. However, the association between ED and CPD has never been studied. AIM To study the association between ED and CPD. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES. Prevalence of ED, prevalence(More)
The literature regarding self-reported dental/oral health data suggests that certain self-reported information is valid. The objective of this study was to show whether self-perceived periodontal conditions can predict actual periodontal status measured by probing depth and radiographic bone level. Participants completed a questionnaire regarding systemic(More)
Hidden occlusal caries was defined 20 years ago as a dentinal caries lesion near the occlusal surface of the tooth, visible on a radiograph, where in visual examination the occlusal enamel is seen intact or minimally perforated. Hidden caries present the dentist with challenges in prevention, diagnosis, treatment planning, patient education and research.(More)
This case report describes a lateral luxation of an upper incisor in a 19-year-old non-professional boxer. The tooth displacement gradually worsened over several months because the boxer received repeated blows to the head without using a mouthguard. Being a chronic dental trauma, rather than an acute lateral luxation, this case had several unique features:(More)
In the 1980s a new type of caries lesion was added to the lexicon of Dentistry, namely, the Hidden Caries. The hidden caries is a sub-type of the occlusal pit and fissure caries type, and is defined as a dentinal caries lesion nearby the occlusal surface of the tooth, seen on a radiograph, where the occlusal enamel remains intact or is minimally perforated.(More)
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