Ron B Goldfarb

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By combining nuclear magnetic relaxometry on 39 ferritin samples with different iron loading with magnetometry, results were obtained that suggest a new interpretation of the core structure and magnetic properties of ferritin. These studies provide evidence that, contrary to most earlier reports, the ferritin core is antiferromagnetic (AFM) even at body(More)
Positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN) silicon diodes are commonly used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) coils to perform active or passive blocking and detuning, or to disable circuit functions. However, diode packages with large magnetic moments are known to cause image artifacts in high field MRI systems. In this study, diode packages with low magnetic(More)
Nanosized amorphous alloy powders of Fe20Ni80 , Fe40Ni60 , and Fe60Ni40 were prepared by sonochemical decomposition of solutions of volatile organic precursors, Fe~CO!5 and Ni~CO!4 in decalin, under an argon pressure of 100 to 150 kPa at 273 K. Magnetic susceptibility of Fe40Ni60 and Fe60Ni40 indicates blocking temperatures of 35 K and a magnetic particle(More)
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