Ron Arbel

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Distance information is critical to our understanding of our surrounding environment, especially in virtual reality settings. Unfortunately, as we gage distance mainly visually, the blind are prevented from properly utilizing this parameter to formulate 3D cognitive maps and cognitive imagery of their surroundings. We show qualitatively that with no(More)
Articular cartilage injuries present a challenge for the clinician. Autologous chondrocyte implantation embedded in scaffolds are used to treat cartilage defects with favorable outcomes. Autologous serum is often used as a medium for chondrocyte cell culture during the proliferation phase of the process of such products. A previous report showed that opiate(More)
W e describe a five-year-old child with neurofibromatosis type I who developed a Charcot knee. Infiltration of the joint by tissue associated with the disease caused damage to the proprioceptive mechanism and resulted in severe joint instability, accelerated destruction and development of neuropathic arthropathy. Neurofibromatosis is a genetically(More)
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