Ron Allan

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Invited Paper Reliability is an important issue in power systems and historically has been assessed using deterministic criteria and indexes. However, these approaches can be, and in many cases have been, replaced by probabilistic methods that are able to respond to the actual stochastic factors that influence the reliability of the system. In the days of(More)
Group therapy with cardiac patients is a relatively new specialty. The field is supported by a substantial epidemiological and experimental literature demonstrating links between heart and mind. There are several clinical trials that have demonstrated less morbidity, improved quality of life, and, to some extent, lower mortality for patients who have(More)
Demand for renewable energy in electric power systems is growing as fast. Reasons, including the desire of countries to increase production capacity of wind power are the great advantages of this method production of electrical energy. Because wind energy is many, renewable and clean.
The regulation of distribution network monopolies has been shifting from asset-based to performance-based regulation and therefore is becoming more depending on the quality of customer service. Consequently, there has been increasing interest in developing analysis capability and tools that can support quantitative assessments of alternative Distribution(More)
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