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Value Creation in Innovation Ecosystems: How the Structure of Technological Interdependence Affects Firm Performance in New Technology Generations
The success of an innovating firm often depends on the efforts of other innovators in its environment. How do the challenges faced by external innovators affect the focal firm's outcomes? To addressExpand
Match your innovation strategy to your innovation ecosystem.
  • Ron Adner
  • Business, Medicine
  • Harvard business review
  • 1 April 2006
High-definition televisions should, by now, be a huge success. Philips, Sony, and Thompson invested billions of dollars to develop TV sets with astonishing picture quality. From a technologyExpand
Corporate effects and dynamic managerial capabilities
Corporate effects in variance decomposition capture heterogeneity of business performance derived from factors internal to firms at the corporate level. Most estimates of corporate effects do notExpand
When Are Technologies Disruptive: A Demand-Based View of the Emergence of Competition
By identifying the possibility that technologies with inferior performance can displace established incumbents, the notion of disruptive technologies, pioneered by Christensen (1997), has had aExpand
Ecosystem as Structure
Over the past 20 years, the term “ecosystem” has become pervasive in discussions of strategy, both scholarly and applied. Its rise has mirrored an increasing interest and concern among bothExpand
Demand Heterogeneity and Technology Evolution: Implications for Product and Process Innovation
We present a demand-based view of technology evolution that is focused on the interaction between technology development and the demand environment in which the technology is ultimately evaluated. Expand
What Is Not A Real Option: Considering Boundaries for the Application of Real Options to Business Strategy
We argue that the greater the extent to which choice sets evolve as a consequence of firms' exploration activities, the less structured the firms' abandonment decisions become and, in turn, the lessExpand
A demand‐based perspective on sustainable competitive advantage
We develop an approach to analyzing the sustainability of competitive advantage that emphasizes demand-side factors. We extend the added-value approach to business strategy by introducing an explicitExpand
The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation
How can great companies do everything right - identify real customer needs, deliver excellent innovations, beat their competitors to market - and still fail? The sad truth is that many companies failExpand
Innovation ecosystems and the pace of substitution: Re‐examining technology S‐curves
Why do some new technologies emerge and quickly supplant incumbent technologies while others take years or decades to take off? We explore this question by presenting a framework that considers bothExpand