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Number theoretic lattices, used in integration theory, are studied from the viewpoint of the design and analysis of experiments. For certain Fourier regression models lattices are optimal as experimental designs because they produce orthogonal information matrices. This generalises early results by Hoel (1965). When the Fourier model is restricted, that is(More)
Exposure to different forms of psychological and physiological stress can elicit a host stress response, which alters normal parameters of neuroendocrine homeostasis. The present study evaluated the influence of the metabolic stressor 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG; a glucose analog, which when administered to rodents, induces acute periods of metabolic stress) on(More)
The antiorthostatic suspension model simulates certain physiological effects of spaceflight. We have previously reported BDF1 mice suspended by the tail in the antiorthostatic orientation for 4 days express high levels of resistance to virulent Listeria monocytogenesinfection. In the present study, we examined whether the increased resistance to this(More)
  • R A Bates, E Riccomagno, R Schwabe, H P Wynn
  • 1995
Integer lattices are well{known to have optimal space{{lling characteristics from number theory and numerical integration. Single generator lattices are studied as an alternative to a full grid. They are used to t emulators to high dimensional functions, for example arising from C.A.E. (Computer Aided Engineering) or other modelling situations. Fourier(More)
The case for capsular bag fixation of the Sinsky-Kratz type of posterior chamber intraocular implant lens is presented, and the various methods in use to position implant lenses are outlined. The new forceps are described and the rationale for their adoption and use is given in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion. Their additional use in anterior chamber(More)
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