Romy M W Kremers

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BACKGROUND There is evidence that altered blood coagulation and fibrinolysis are involved in the pathogenesis of asthma. Increased thromboembolic risk has been reported in asthmatics. OBJECTIVE To investigate whether enhanced thrombin generation and impaired fibrinolysis occur in asthmatics. METHODS Plasma thrombin generation profile together with a(More)
BACKGROUND The generation of thrombin in time is the combined effect of the processes of prothrombin conversion and thrombin inactivation. Measurement of prothrombin consumption used to provide valuable information on hemostatic disorders, but is no longer used, due to its elaborate nature. OBJECTIVES Because thrombin generation (TG) curves are easily(More)
BACKGROUND Measurement of the severity of illness is a research area of growing importance in neonatal intensive care. Most severity of illness scales have been developed in tertiary care settings. Their applicability in community neonatal intensive care units has not been tested. OBJECTIVES Our goal was to assess the operational characteristics of the(More)
To obtain a thrombin generation (TG) curve from the conversion of added fluorogenic substrate, thrombin concentrations are to be derived from the observed velocity of increase of fluorescence (dF/dt). The relation between velocity and thrombin concentration varies during the experiment because substrate is consumed and because fluorescence is not linear(More)
Although neonatal intensive care units are known to be expensive, much of what happens inside such units in managed care organizations is not known. One reason for this lack of knowledge is that existing database systems were not designed to capture information in modern critical care units. This article describes the development of a dedicated outcomes(More)
INTRODUCTION Infants and children have a lower incidence of thrombosis compared with adults. Yet, the mechanism of blood clot formation and structure in infants and children, as the end product of coagulation, has not been studied. This study aimed to establish differences in the mechanism of thrombin generation, fibrin clot formation and response to(More)
Physical exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Strenuous exercise, however, may trigger the haemostatic system, increasing the risk of vascular thrombotic events and the incidence of primary cardiac arrest. Our goal was to study the effects of strenuous exercise on risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Blood was collected from 92 healthy(More)
Individuals with blood group O have a higher bleeding risk than non-O blood groups. This could be explained by the lower levels of FVIII and von Willebrand Factor (VWF) levels in O individuals. We investigated the relationship between blood groups, thrombin generation (TG), prothrombin activation and thrombin inactivation. Plasma levels of VWF, FVIII,(More)
OBJECTIVE Platelets are increasingly implicated in processes beyond hemostasis and thrombosis, such as vascular remodeling. Members of the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) family not only remodel the extracellular matrix but also modulate platelet function. Here, we made a systematic comparison of the roles of MMP family members in acute thrombus formation(More)