Romulo Ribeiro

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Some methodological aspects of developing multi-agent systems are considered in this work. In particular, influence of analysis and design methodologies on the interoperability properties of multi-agent systems is investigated from the perspective of ontology-based meaning transfer. A combined approach to developing better multi-agent systems is proposed(More)
This paper discusses the use of the Policy Based Network paradigm, COPS (Common Open Policy Service) and NSIS (Next Steps In Signalling) frameworks being developed by the IETF, in the context of the European Project EuQoS (End-to-End Quality of Service over Heterogeneous Networks). An overview of the EuQoS architecture is provided followed by the analysis(More)
We control a population of interacting software agents. The agents have a strategy, and receive a payoff for executing that strategy. Unsuccessful agents become extinct. We investigate the repercussions of maintaining a diversity of agents. There is often no economic rationale for this. If maintaining diversity is to be successful, i.e. without lowering too(More)
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