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Traditionally, the real estate asset assessment is performed by experienced valuators, who take into account its economic, social, physical and locational aspects. Nowadays, the construction industry is becoming more and more influenced by the sustainability requirements. Therefore, the inclusion of the sustainability evaluation into real estate asset(More)
Over the last decade we faced expansion of digital imagining technologies. This expansion enabled effortless modification of digital images – leading us to face new threats and challenges on image authentication. Watermarking methods provide solution to global image authentication – at a price of introducing additional changes to the original image. Limited(More)
The new strategy for non-uniform initial FE mesh generation is presented in this paper. The main focus is set to a priori procedures that define the sizing function independent on the mesh generation algorithm. The sizing function used by the mesh generation algorithm is established by control sphere and control space concepts and fully controls mesh(More)
In this paper robust image authentication integrated with semi-fragile pixel-wise tamper localization is analyzed. A new pixel-wise transformation robust to blurring/sharpening while fragile to all other image processing operations is proposed. A new method featuring binary and percentage measures with novel ability to integrate human opinion for image(More)
BACKGROUND Although the general postoperative mortality rate after gastrectomy is decreasing worldwide, it still varies in individual centers and regions of the world. The objective of our work was to analyze the postoperative mortality rate at the Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University over a period of 10 years. METHODS All patients who underwent(More)
Visual speech animation plays an important role in human-computer interaction. To force already existing English Talking Head speech animation engine to talk Lithuanian, some modifications to the animation script were made. For this adaptation, the relation between English and Lithuanian languages was explored. To determine it, 30 3dimensional Lithuanian(More)
Speech animation is widely used in technical devices to allow the growing number of hearing impaired persons, children, middle-aged and elderly equal participation in communication. This article presents a framework, which can be used to animate Speech sound file. The architecture proposed is made up of the following components: Lithuanian speech(More)
In this article the new method for the accounting singular point influence to the postprocessing error estimation is proposed. Solution improvement in singular zones is achieved modifying physical coordinate matrix used in least square problem equations: instead of the standard quadratic polynomial a new polynomial with singular elements is taken. Numerical(More)
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