Romuald Zielonko

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In this paper we discuss and compare two feature extraction techniques: histogram-based and Principal Component Analysis. Comparison is done on an analog filter fault diagnosis example performed in the frequency domain. Both techniques are implemented in a neural network system for the off-line diagnosis of electronic analog and mixed-signal circuits. The(More)
Abstrac tThe paper concerns the testing of analogue circuits and blocks in mixed-signal electronic embedded systems (EESs), using the built-in self-test (BIST) technique. The integrated μBIST based on reusing signal blocks already present in an EES, such as processors, memories, ADCs, is presented. The novelty of the solution is the extended functionality(More)
The article concerns the implementation of shape designed complementary signals in BISTs used in mixedsignal embedded systems for testing of their analog sections. The essence of the proposed method is stimulation of the tested circuit with a complementary signal of a designed particular shape, whose parameters are matched to the nominal position of circuit(More)
In the paper a new fault diagnosis-oriented neural network and a diagnostic method for localization of parametric faults in Analog Electronic Circuits (AECs) with tolerances is presented. The method belongs to the class of dictionary Simulation Before Test (SBT) methods. It utilizes dictionary fault signatures as a family of identification curves dispersed(More)
− The paper presents the implementation of accelerated impedance spectrum measurement method, oriented for technical objects modelled by a linear equivalent circuit, e.g anticorrosion coatings. The method is based on multisine signal stimulation of an object and response analysis by triangle window filter-banks. It has several advantages, as compared with(More)
Architecture and properties of the virtual probes created by the analog modules of the IEEE Std 1149.4 test bus are presented. Capabilities of the bus co-operated with the CIM 97 Multidiatest Measurement System in the area of the analog signal were investigated on the examples of the resistance, capacitance and inductance measurement. Application of the(More)
− The equivalent electrical circuits (mostly multielement two-terminals) are the common used method of modelling many technical and biological objects. The parameter identification of this kind of circuits is important in testing and diagnosis of many objects. The paper presents a time-domain identification method dedicated mainly for monitoring and(More)
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