Romuald B. Beck

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In this study, we present selected reliability issues of double gate dielectric stacks for non-volatile semiconductor memory (NVSM) applications. Fabricated gate structures were consisted of PECVD silicon oxynitride layer (SiOxNy) as the pedestal layer and hafnium dioxide layer (HfO2) as the top gate dielectric. In the course of this work, obtained MIS(More)
In this work we have studied relations between three competing effects that take place during high temperature annealing of PECVD ultrathin silicon layer, namely: amorphous silicon recrystallization, amorphous silicon oxidation and oxidation of just received crystalline silicon in the first few minutes of this process. Understanding very complex relations(More)
In this study, the comparison of methods of improving electro-physical properties of silicon dioxide (SiO<inf>2</inf>) by means of silicon substrates fluorination in CF<inf>4</inf> in PECVD and RIE reactors, prior to oxide deposition, has been performed. The results proved that, in general, fluorination in RIE is superior to the fluorination in PECVD(More)
Double barrier structure with silicon layer instead of metal can potentially enable variety of intriguing applications of such a structure. The observations so far have pointed out that behavior of such structures during high temperature process may depend on availability of oxygen. It can potentially influence the result of race for silicon atoms between(More)
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