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The present article describes a field auger sampling method for row-crop root measurements. In agroecosystems where crops are planted in a specific design (row crops), sampling procedures for root biomass quantification need to consider the spatial variability of the root system. This article explains in detail how to sample and calculate root biomass(More)
The impact of plant species invasions on the abundance, composition and activity of fungal decomposers of leaf litter is poorly understood. In this study, we isolated and compared the relative abundance of ligninocellulolytic fungi of leaf litter mixtures from a native forest and a forest invaded by Ligustrum lucidum in a lower mountain forest of Tucuman,(More)
The Kinect sensor is a device that can recognize the user's hands and body movements without controllers or marks. Although Kinect was originally designed for the Xbox 360 game console, programming tools for PC appeared shortly after its release. As a result, many papers and applications explore Kinect's technology nowadays, in areas such as robotics and(More)
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