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A History of India
This is a history of India upto 1300 AD, introducing the beginnings of India's cultural dynamics.
Early India : from the origins to AD 1300
"Early India" represents a complete rewriting by Romila Thapar of her classic work, "A History of India" (the first volume in the Penguin History of India series), thirty-five years after it wasExpand
Imagined Religious Communities? Ancient History and the Modern Search for a Hindu Identity
My choice of subject for this lecture arose from what I think might have been a matter of some interest to Kingsley Martin; as also from my own concern that the interplay between the past andExpand
The Theory of Aryan Race and India: History and Politics*
The invention of an Aryan race in nineteenth century Europe was to have, as we all know, far-reaching consequences on world history. Its application to European societies culminated in the ideologyExpand
Interpreting early India
Professor Thapar argues the importance of understanding and positioning various well-established perspectives on the Indian past in order to arrive at an informed understanding of contemporaryExpand
The History Debate and School Textbooks in India: A Personal Memoir
The story of how two textbooks on Indian history for Middle School came to be written and why they were replaced touches on much that is happening to history textbooks in many parts of the world. Expand
Can genetics help us understand Indian social history?
  • Romila Thapar
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
  • 1 November 2014
Attempts have been made recently to determine the identity of the so-called "Aryans" as components of the Indian population by using DNA analysis. This is largely to ascertain whether they wereExpand
The Image of the Barbarian in Early India
The concept of the barbarian in early India arises out of the curious situation of the arrival of Indo-Aryan-speaking nomadic pastoralists in northern India who came into contact with the indigenousExpand