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The cover shows the crystal structure of the alanate NaAlH 4 , a new class of hydrogen storage material. Al atoms are red, Na atoms are green, and H atoms are blue. In this class of materials, hydrogen " encapsulates " Al to form a hydrogen-rich anion, AlH 4-, whose structure resembles that of methane, CH 4. The alanate structure differs from that of the(More)
Composition operators C − between Orlicz spaces L ' .; 6; ¼/ generated by measurable and nonsingular transformations − from into itself are considered. We characterize boundedness and compactness of the composition operator between Orlicz spaces in terms of properties of the mapping − , the function ' and the measure space .; 6; ¼/. These results generalize(More)
  • Rakesh Batraa, Sachin Vashisthab, +4 authors R. Kumar
  • 2014
Fixed point theory in the field of partially ordered metric spaces has been an area of attraction since the appearance of Ran and Reurings theorem and Nieto and Rodríguez-López theorem. One of the most significant hypotheses of these theorems was the mixed monotone property which has been avoided and replaced by the notion of invariant set in recent years(More)
Picture polynomial math depends on regarding a picture as raised as convex polygons (2d) or convex polyhedrons (3d). A generalized formula for the generation of total number of convex polygons and polyhedrons and total no of G-filters for a given structuring elements is explained in this paper.
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