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We study the influence of von Karman nonlinearity, van der Waals force, and a athermal stresses on pull-in instability and small vibrations of electrostatically actuated mi-croplates. We use the Galerkin method to develop a tractable reduced-order model for elec-trostatically actuated clamped rectangular microplates in the presence of van der Waals(More)
We use the modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics (MSPH) method to study the propagation of elastic waves in functionally graded materials. An artificial viscosity is added to the hydrostatic pressure to control oscillations in the shock wave. Computed results agree well with the analytical solution of the problem. It is shown that, for the same placement(More)
— Advances in the development of nanotechnology have led to microrobots applications in medical fields. Drug delivery is one of these applications in which microrobots deliver a pharmaceutical compound to targeted cells. Chemotherapy and its side effects can then be minimized. Two major constraints, however, must be considered: the robot's onboard energy(More)
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