Romesh C. Batra

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Three-dimensional deformations of a multilayered, linear elastic, anisotropic rectangular plate subjected to arbitrary boundary conditions at its edges are analyzed by the generalized Eshelby-Stroh formalism. The rectangular laminate consists of anisotropic and homogeneous laminae of arbitrary thicknesses. Perfect bonding is assumed between the adjoining(More)
An analytical solution is presented for three-dimensional thermomechanical deformations of a simply supported functionally graded (FG) rectangular plate subjected to time-dependent thermal loads on its top and/or bottom surfaces. Material properties are taken to be analytical functions of the thickness coordinate. The uncoupled quasistatic linear(More)
A robust nonlinear observer, utilizing the sliding mode concept, is developed for the dynamic positioning of ships. The observer provides the estimates of linear velocities of the ship and bias from the slowly varying environmental loads. It also filters out wave frequency motion to avoid wear of actuators and excessive fuel consumption. Especially, the(More)
We study the influence of von Karman nonlinearity, van der Waals force, and a athermal stresses on pull-in instability and small vibrations of electrostatically actuated mi-croplates. We use the Galerkin method to develop a tractable reduced-order model for elec-trostatically actuated clamped rectangular microplates in the presence of van der Waals(More)
A three-dimensional mixed variational principle is used to derive a Kth-order two-dimensional linear theory for an anisotropic homogeneous piezoelectric (PZT) plate. Themechanical displacements, the electric potential, the inplane components of the stress tensor, and the in-plane components of the electric displacement are expressed as a Ž nite series of(More)
The Modified Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (MSPH) method proposed earlier by the authors and applied to the analysis of transient two-dimensional (2-D) heat conduction, 1-D transient simple shearing deformations of a thermoviscoplastic material, 1-D wave propagation in a functionally graded plate, and 2-D elastodynamic crack propagation is extended to the(More)
We use the modified smoothed particle hydrodynamics (MSPH) method to study the propagation of elastic waves in functionally graded materials. An artificial viscosity is added to the hydrostatic pressure to control oscillations in the shock wave. Computed results agree well with the analytical solution of the problem. It is shown that, for the same placement(More)
The generalized plane quasistatic deformations of linear piezoelectric laminated plates are analyzed by the Eshelby–Stroh formalism. The laminate consists of homogeneous elastic or piezoelectric laminae of arbitrary thickness and width. The three-dimensional differential equations of equilibrium for a piezoelectric body are exactly satisŽ ed at every point(More)