Romeo Selvas-Aguilar

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We report on a wavelength-tunable filter based on multimode interference (MMI) effects. A typical MMI filter consists of a multimode fiber (MMF) spliced between two single-mode fibers (SMF). The peak wavelength response of the filter exhibits a linear dependence when the length of the MMF is modified. Therefore a capillary tube filled with(More)
A widely tunable erbium-doped all-fiber laser has been demonstrated. The tunable mechanism is based on a novel tunable filter using multimode interference effects (MMI). The tunable MMI filter was applied to fabricate a tunable erbium-doped fiber laser via a standard ring cavity. A tuning range of 60 nm was obtained, ranging from 1549 nm to 1609 nm, with a(More)
A compact, highly sensitive optical fiber displacement and curvature radius sensor is presented. The device consists of an adiabatic bi-conical fused fiber taper spliced to a single-mode fiber (SMF) segment with a flat face end. The bi-conical taper structure acts as a modal coupling device between core and cladding modes for the SMF segment. When the(More)
A very simple method to obtain the refractive index of liquids by using a rectangular glass cell and a diffraction grating engraved by fs laser ablation on the inner face of one of the walls of the cell is presented. When a laser beam impinges normally on the diffraction grating, the diffraction orders are deviated when they pass through the cell filled(More)
A tunable dual-wavelength ytterbium doped photonic crystal fiber laser based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer is presented. The laser tunes from 1026nm to 1034nm by controlling the birefringence with a linewidth of 0.007nm and a contrast of 40dB.
A bandpass filter with adjustable bandwidth based on a press-induced long-period grating in a twisted holey fiber is presented. By twisting the holey fiber prior to the application of periodic pressure, each rejection band of the nontwisted induced long-period grating is split into two shifted rejection bands that move further apart as the twist ratio(More)
We report an ultra-widely tunable long-period holey-fiber grating, which combines the wide-range single-mode behavior and transverse strain sensitivity of the holey fibers with the advantages of mechanically induced long-period fiber gratings. We obtain a versatile widely tunable long-period holey-fiber grating with attractive transmission spectral(More)
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