Romeo Danielis

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The paper surveys the application of the stated preference technique to analyse freight transport demand. The objective is to identify the contribution of the analysis of hypothetical data to the understanding of freight transport markets as opposed to the results obtained by using observed, revealed preference data.
The paper focuses on the issue of the modeling and management of Logistics Intermodal Systems (LIS) integrated by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tools. To this aim, we consider as a case study the port of Trieste (Italy) and we model the system in a Petri net framework. The port logistics and the truck traffic are described in different(More)
Based on data on pollution ambient concentration levels downloaded from AIRBASE, a European air quality database available on the internet from the European Environmental Agency (EEA), the paper firstly performs a descriptive analysis – mainly ranking and clustering on four pollutants strongly related to transport activities such as particular matter,(More)
Commuting is the single largest impact a University has on the environment and represents a noticeable share of urban traffic, when the University is located within a city. There is a large amount of literature on which policies could reduce car use and improve the environmental and social sustainability of commuting to college. However, most studies focus,(More)
The paper presents a methodology to estimate the potential demand for carsharing from university students. The methodology is based on two surveys: a paper-and-pencil questionnaire and a detailed computer-assisted interview. The data collected are used to operationalize a model that estimates the generalized cost under alternative scenarios, with and(More)
In a globalised and competitive environment, characterised by complex logistics and supply chain structures, assessing firms’ value of service for freight transport is of great relevance to many actors. Carriers could take advantage of the knowledge of firm’s willingness to pay for specific dimensions of the freight transport to improve their service, to(More)
Universities, like other types of public and private institutions, when located in a city, have both positive and negative impacts on the area where they are situated. On the one hand, they contribute to the prestige of the area; on the other hand, they are large generators/ attractors of traffic. The ability to successfully balance the pros and cons of the(More)
This paper estimates the total cost of ownership, social lifecycle cost and energy consumption of 66 cars with different fuel/powertrains available in Italy in 2013. The aim is to provide the various private and public decision makers with information that could allow them to better understand the current market penetration of the various automotive(More)