Romeo A. Dumitrescu

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A new coordination model for computations is presented. It offers increased confidence in the correctness of imperative program~ and considerable simplification of imperative programming and debugging. In this model, programs consist of formal specifications of computations by recursive function definitions and explicit map-pings (coordinations) of these(More)
The support offered by the Specification-Consistent Coordination Model (SCCM) for building reliable and efficient matrix processing programs is analyzed by comparing functional , imperative, and SCCM implementations of Floyd's all-pairs shortest-path algorithm for dense graphs. 1 INTRODUCTION We propose a new solution for developing both reliable and(More)
Received (received date) Revised (revised date) Communicated by Editor's name ABSTRACT Two-Stage Programming (2sp) is an experimental programming language, the rst implementation of the Speciication-Consistent Coordination Model (SCCM). The SCCM proposes a new, mixed-paradigm (functional/imperative) approach to developing reliable programs based on complete(More)
This paper presents the application of Two-Stage Programming (2sp) for developing error-free paral-lel/distributed applications through automatic verii-cation of computed results with respect to a given speciication. The presentation focuses the case study of the parallel block-striped partitioning variant of Prim's algorithm for nding a minimum spanning(More)
This paper presents a new, coprocess-based service for servlet-enabled web servers that allows for establishing online client sessions with an interactive program on the server computer. This service, implemented by an HTTP Java servlet, is designed for experimenting online with prototypical implementations of the interactive program. It provides an(More)
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