Romano Matthys

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Tissue engineered constructs should be tested for their efficacy not only in normal but also in osteoporotic bone. The rat is an established animal model for osteoporosis and is used often for bone healing studies. In this study a defined and standardized critical size defect model in the rat suitable for screening new tissue engineered constructs in normal(More)
Mice are extensively used for experimental bone-healing studies. However, there are few established nondestructive in vivo techniques for longitudinal fracture-healing analysis in mice, including in vivo micro-computed tomography (μCT) and radiography. Importantly, none of the established methods can discriminate between non-mineralized fibrous tissue and(More)
This paper presents a summary of 106 patients monitored at the Sleep/Wake Disorders Center of the University Hospital in Antwerp. Diagnostic assessment is based upon information from history, physical and psychiatric examination, sleep logs, psychological tests and polysomnographic workups, including at least 2 consecutive nights. A major conclusion is that(More)
Five cases are presented showing on the EEG pseudo-rhythmic discharges appearing on almost flat lines, after reanimation of a cardiac arrest. The morphology of the complexes is quite similar, except in the period immediately preceding death, where they are more disformed. All patients died within the following days, except one. In four of the five cases(More)
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