Romann M. Weber

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Wet fingers and toes eventually wrinkle, and this is commonly attributed by lay opinion to local osmotic reactions. However, nearly a century ago surgeons observed that no wrinkling occurs if a nerve to the finger has been cut. Here we provide evidence that, rather than being an accidental side effect of wetness, wet-induced wrinkles have been selected to(More)
The entire range of human color perception, in all its vibrancy, is due to the operation of just three types of photosensitive retinal cone cells and the neural mechanisms responsible for interpreting their signals. These cone cells contain photosensitive opsin pigments that preferentially absorb light at different wavelengths. The short-wavelength (S)(More)
A major focus of research on visually guided action is the identification of control strategies that map optical information to actions. The traditional approach has been to test the behavioral predictions of a few hypothesized strategies against subject behavior in environments in which various manipulations of available information have been made. While(More)
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