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Concerning the Logic of Predicate Modifiers
ive Singular Terms There are a host of familiar ways in which we, in English, form abstractive singular terms. To the general term, "pious", there is a mated singular, "piety". To "red" there isExpand
Not Every Object of Thought has Being: A Paradox in Naive Predication Theory
Naive set theory with an unqualified axiom specifying the existence of sets is contradictory as Russell showed. So too certain theories of predication resting on plausible, intuitive principles areExpand
Old foundations for a logic of perception
Perception is a species of judgment. So far as logic goes, there is nothing very special about perception. Of course, there is plenty that is intriguing about perception, and puzzling. But so far asExpand
Introduction to logic
Prima Facie Generalizations
There are statements and judgements which, prima facie, are generalizations but whose truth we maintain in the face of exceptions. ‘A cheetah can outrun a man.’1 Hobbled, injured and drugged cheetahsExpand
When is a fallacy valid? Reflections on backward reasoning
  • Romane Clark
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • Notre Dame J. Formal Log.
  • 1982