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Generalized F statistics are the quotients of convex combinations of central chi-squares divided by their degrees of freedom. Exact expressions are obtained for the distribution of these statistics when the degrees of freedom either in the numerator or in the denominator are even. An example is given to show how these expressions may be used to check the(More)
Explicit expressions of UMVUE for variance components are obtained for a class of models that include balanced cross nested random models. These estimators are used to derive tests for the nullity of variance components. Besides the usual F tests, generalized F tests will be introduced. The separation between both types of tests will be based on a general(More)
In the paper, a new approach to construction test for independence of two-dimensional normally distributed random vectors is given under the assumption that the ratio of the variances is known. This test is uniformly better than the t-Student test. A comparison of the power of these two tests is given. A behaviour of this test for some-contamination of the(More)
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