Roman Yasinovskyy

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We compare VoIP performance on IPv6 and IPv4 LANs in the presence of varying levels of background UDP traffic. A conventional softphone is used to make calls and a bare PC (operating systemless) softphone is used as a control to determine the impact of system overhead. The performance measures are maximum and mean delta (the time between the arrival of(More)
We study the performance of a VoIP call in an IPv6 network during download of a large file using HTTP, BitTorrent, or uTP, and simultaneous downloads using HTTP and BitTorrent or HTTP and uTP. Performance metrics include maximum delta, maximum and mean jitter, throughput, packet loss, and perceived voice quality. The results indicate that the values of(More)
Bare PC systems, which run applications without using any operating system (OS) or kernel, are immune to attacks targeting a specific OS. They also perform better than conventional systems due to their reduced overhead. We describe the design, implementation and performance of a SIP user agent (UA) for secure VoIP on a bare PC system. In particular, we(More)
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