Roman Wirtz

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The molecular engineering of recombinant plasmid DNA clones containing the full-length and replication-competent feline foamy (retro)virus (FFV) proviral genome is described. The methods used to combine subgenomic FFV DNA fragments can be applied to other retrovirus genomes, resulting in full-length, bacterially cloned retroviruses. In addition, techniques(More)
Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) are a promising target for cell-based bone regeneration. However, their application for clinical use is limited because hMSCs lose their ability for cell division and differentiation during longer in vitro cultivation. The osteogenic differentiation is regulated through a complex network of molecular signal transduction(More)
Privacy is a growing concern during software development. Transparency– in the sense of increasing user’s privacy-awareness–is a privacy goal that is not as deeply studied in the literature as the properties anonymity and unlinkability. To be compliant with legislation and standards, requirements engineers have to identify the requirements on transparency(More)
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