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A large number of methods like discriminant analysis, logit analysis, recursive partitioning algorithm, etc., have been used in the past for the prediction of business failure. Although some of these methods lead to models with a satisfactory ability to discriminate between healthy and bankrupt ®rms, they su€er from some limitations, often due to the(More)
We consider a sorting (classification) problem in the presence of multiple attributes and criteria, called the MA&C sorting problem. It consists in assignment of some actions to some pre-defined and preference-ordered decision classes. The actions are described by a finite set of attributes and criteria. Both attributes and criteria take values from their(More)
We introduce a novel decision rule induction algorithm for solving the regression problem. There are only few approaches in which decision rules are applied to this type of prediction problems. The algorithm uses a single decision rule as a base classifier in the ensemble. Forward stagewise additive modeling is used in order to obtain the ensemble of(More)