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The main aim of this paper is the utilization of discrete chaotic Lozi map based chaos number generator to enhance the performance of PSO algorithm. This paper presents the results of research, in whichchaos enhanced PSO algorithm is used to design an optimal PID controller for DC motor system. Obtained results are compared with other non-heuristic and(More)
This work deals with an evolutionary data processing, concretely optimization of control of chaos based on using EA. The main aim of this work is to show that evolutionary algorithms are capable of optimization of chaos control. As models of deterministic chaotic system one dimensional Logistic equation and two dimensional Henon map were used. The(More)
— In this paper, a new approach for chaos driven PSO algorithm is proposed. Two different chaotic maps are alternately used as pseudorandom number generators and switched over during the run of chaos driven PSO algorithm. The motivation for this research came from the previous successful experiments with PSO algorithm driven by different chaotic maps.(More)