Roman Schwalbe

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Power system analysis applications like PowerFactory make it possible to investigate research questions within a dedicated domain specific environment. With the increasing complexity in cyber-physical systems the need for coupling models or systems for simulation becomes eminent. By utilizing and extending existing interfacing mechanisms the pros and cons(More)
—Refinements of the voltage control algorithm for the DG DemoNet concept have been developed extensively over the last years. Consequently the next step will be field tests prior to the deployment. This paper describes the (redesign n of the existing prototype algorithm, offline and online simulation environments and testing of the implementation to prepare(More)
the risk of tuberculous infection is high [8, 9]. Our patient, and others described in previous reports [2-4], were in environments where they were heavily exposed to M. tuberculosis. In addition to varying degrees of immunosuppression, high levels of exposure to M. tuberculosis likely contributed to their risk of reinfection. The case described herein(More)
In the DG DemoNet Validation project a coordinated voltage controller was developed to actively integrate a high share of renewables into existing distribution systems. The impact of controlling the medium voltage transformer and the reactive power of distributed generation-based on the actual voltages of critical nodes-on voltage range and number of tap(More)
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