Roman Scharrer

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The quality and performance of many multi-channel signal processing strategies in microphone arrays as well as mobile devices for the enhancement of speech intelligibility and audio quality depends to a large extent on the acoustic sound field that they are exposed to. As long as the assumption on the sound field is not met, the performance decreases(More)
BACKGROUND Patients and medical staff are exposed to high noise levels in ICUs, which may have a negative impact on their health. Due to the diversity of noise sources present, including the operating noise of medical devices, staff conversations and the unwrapping of disposables, noise profiles are varied. Psychoacoustics deals with the analysis of sound,(More)
This paper presents a method, which is able to give a blind estimation of the reverberation time of an enclosed space, using only the signal from two or more spatially distributed receivers, for example a binaural signal. There is no need for a controlled or known excitation signal, and there are no special requirements for the excitation signal. The method(More)
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