Roman Przylucki

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Induction hardening of gear wheels is modeled. The model consists of two nonlinear partial differential equations describing the distributions of magnetic and temperature fields in the system. All material parameters are supposed to be functions of temperature. The model is then solved numerically in the 3D hard-coupled formulation using the professional(More)
Casting is one of the most cost-effective methods of producing metal matrix nanocomposites. However, it is extremely difficult to disperse nanoparticles uniformly in a metal matrix due to their large surface-to-volume ratio and their low wettability in liquid metal, which cause their agglomeration and clustering. This paper presents a model of the process(More)
The paper presents the analysis of the process of casting functionally graded composites under alternating electromagnetic field. The process utilizes the effect of electromagnetic buoyancy on nonconductive particles of the reinforcement in the conducting liquid (melted metal). The authors analyzed the possibilities of homogenizing the distribution of(More)
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