Roman Popovych

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For given N=pq with p and q different odd primes and natural m Banghe Li introduced the public key cryptosystem [1]. In the case m=1 the system is just the famous RSA public key cryptosystem [2]. The cryptosystem is more secure in general [2] than RSA system. But one has to solve a few problems connected with the introduced cryptosystem. The cryptosystem(More)
Possible approaches to cryptoanalysis RSA system of enciphering with public key are considered, especially with using of Euler function value. RSA algorithm is used in computer payment system of national bank of Ukraine national payment system, which provides implementation of accounts amongst bank institutions, boards of state treasury on the territory of(More)
We prove that Lenstra proposition suggesting existence of many counterexamples to Agrawal conjecture is true in a more general case. At the same time we obtain a strictly ascending chain of subgroups of the group (Zp[X]/(Cr(X))) * and state the modified conjecture that the set {X-1, X+2} generate big enough subgroup of this group.
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