Roman Nevshupa

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The influence of the metal content (0-28 at.%) on the structural, mechanical and tribological properties of a-C:Cu films grown by pulsed filtered cathodic arc deposition is investigated. Silicon and AISI 301 stainless steel have been used as substrate materials. The microstructure, composition and bonding structure have been determined by scanning electron(More)
The effect of repassivation on tribocorrosion behaviour of two multilayer coatings of different structures is studied experimentally by measuring the variation of instantaneous open-circuit potential during friction. One coating consists of alternating Cr and CrN layers, while another consists of alternated layers of CrN and ZrN. Analysis of the results(More)
The hydrogen absorption process is studied in carbonaceous fibers produced from a mixture of methane and hydrogen. The absorption of the hydrogen was examined in two types of fibers, in "as-grown" state and after a process of desorption during an annealing to 1.473 K under vacuum. Later to its production process, the fibers withstand an oxidation in air to(More)
Tribochemical decomposition of magnesium hydride (MgH2) induced by deformation at room temperature was studied on a micrometric scale, in situ and in real time. During deformation, a near-full depletion of hydrogen in the micrometric affected zone is observed through an instantaneous (t < 1 s) and huge release of hydrogen (3-50 nmol/s). H release is related(More)
Dynamic tribochemical processes for dicationic ionic liquid containing a geminal imidazolium cation head group bridged by a poly(ethylene glycol) and a bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide anion were studied using time-resolved mechanically stimulated gas emission mass-spectrometry (MSGE-MS). In comparison with similar monocationic imidazolium ionic liquids(More)
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