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A case of acquired atypical erythrokeratoderma in a 16-year-old boy is reported. Most of the lesions were localized at the periorificial areas of the body, mainly at the angles of the mouth, the lower lip, as well as in perinasal, genital, and perianal regions. They were associated with acral involvement and pachyonychia. There were no similar skin lesions(More)
  • R Michalowski
  • 1981
Glans penis and foreskin lesions occurred in sixteen patients (+/- 34 p. 100) in a group of 46 males with trichomoniasis and were predominantly of the erosive type. Trichomonal balano-posthitis has been associated with trichomonal uretritis in 7 patients, with syphilis in 4 patients and with genital warts in 4. The dominant complication was phimosis. Long(More)
In the medical literature only a few data on intramuscular therapy with Triamcinolon-Acetonide in alopecia areata are reported (Weitgasser, 1971). We have investigated 11 cases of alopecia areata totalis and universalis treated by parenteral administration of Triamcinolon-Acetonide. Nine patients presented complete alopecia of the. scalp and 2 patients(More)