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An image processing system was programmed to automatically track and digitize the movement of amebae under phase-contrast microscopy. The amebae moved in a novel chemotaxis chamber designed to provide stable linear attractant gradients in a thin agarose gel. The gradients were established by pumping attractant and buffer solutions through semipermeable(More)
In previous experiments it has been demonstrated that nerve growth factor (NGF), subsequent to its binding to specific membrane receptors, is internalized. Ultrastructurally, this internalized NGF is localized in membrane-confined compartments which ultimately fuse with lysosomes. The present experiments were designed, first, to evaluate whether a very(More)
Mutants of the cellular slime mold Polysphondylium pallidum have been selected using a cell sorter and a fluorescentlabeled monoclonal antibody, mAb 293. This antibody blocks cell adhesion when applied as Fab, and recognizes a carbohydrate epitope containing L-fucose. This epitope is expressed on the cell surface and is present on >10 membrane glycoproteins(More)
Antioxidant properties of mono-and dihydroxyphenolic acids and their alkyl esters were examined, with emphasis on the relationship between their molecular structure and antioxidant activity. Test media with different tocopherol level were used for determining the oxidative stability: original refined sunflower oil (total tocopherols 149.0 mg/kg), partially(More)
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